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Lust och fägring stor eros movies watch
6.9 IMDB Puanı

Lust och fägring stor eros movies watch

(Lust och fägring stor)
Senaryo Bo Widerberg
Ödüller 1 Oscar Adaylığı. 6 ödül & 6 adaylık. total
All things fair takes place in 1943. Stig meets his teacher, Viola. His life changes forever. They start an affair. She is 37, and he is 15, but that makes no difference to them. Viola's husband is always drunk and unfaithful, so she thinks her own affair is therefore justified. The girl next door, however, also shares love for Stig and is disappointed he never notices her. The affair grows dangerous, and Viola is risking everything. Then one day Stig realizes love does exist with someone his own age, and Viola lets him pay dearly for his realization...

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